DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3

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Welcome to my write up of Day 4 of the Advent of Code the previous days write ups can be at at the links above. Today were were hacking the passport control to make the line go quicker. In the end it was easy enough but it was a timely reminder for me that overlocking some small thing can be hugely time consuming and frustrating.

Part 1

As always we were given a text file as input data, the file had block of text separated by blank lines.

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DAY 1, DAY 2

Welcome back to day 3 of my Advent of Code walkthroughs, I found this one to be quite a bit tougher then the 2 days before and was beginning to worry I would never make day 25. However I got there in the end and a little help from my fellow students at Strive School made all the difference.

Part 1

The challenge today was to navigate a toboggan down a slope and count the number of trees we hit on the way. To do this I was given a ‘map’ and a step pattern of how to…

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Welcome to day 2 of the Advent of Code challenge, the level stepped up a little today but still pretty doable. I am still continuing on my python mission and even know some of the syntax now. As it happened my daughter woke me at 5:30 am which was not ideal but did give me some time to work through this issue.

Part 1

So the challange was to decipher some passwords and see if they meet the password rules set by North Pole Toboggan Rental Shop. …

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I recently joined Strive School on their AI engineer course and as part of our exercises I was introduced to the advent of code. Turns out it’s been running for a few years, although I’ve never heard of it before. Still it’s a nce way to improve your coding and what better way to procrastinate when you have course work to do.

Each day you need to solve 2 problems to collect your stars, if you are in the first 100 poeple to solve it you get points to move up the leaderboard. …

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